Bashar and Alan Steinfeld

Alan Steinfeld and Bashar talk about different and interesting subjects in a very dinamic interview (English, Spanish and French subtitles).

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Aikon – It’s just a game!

In this video Aikon talk about the energies currently affecting Earth and humanity and the experience of duality. They also remind us not to take life so seriously…after all it’s just a game! (English, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles)

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Yeshua – Channeled by Pamela Aaralyn

More truths are ready to be disclosed about 2017: the Mandella effect, extra-terrestrials, A Course in Miracles, spirit guides, ascension, psychic gifts, abductions, politics, currency reboot, religion, drugs and more! Yeshua is ready to stand in love and transparency to give us the theme of 2017 (English and Spanish subtitles).

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