Courtney Amundson – Channeling for 11-11-16

Courtney channels a beautiful message of love and wisdom to give us strength and inspiration in these exciting times (English and Spanish subtitles). Enjoy!

About Courtney

Courtney began her path as a seeker at a young age, progressing to the point that these teachings began to flow through her, effortlessly and with complete love and joy, starting at age 16. In the beginning, the wisdom was received for her own evolution and understanding, but after a short time she was guided to share it with as many people as possible through a book. Since then she has worked single-mindedly on getting these teachings out to the public, through the work of the book (Teachings from God) and expanding into sharing her insights through publishing articles and speaking.

In addition to her dedication to the advancement of the teachings, Courtney is actively progressing toward qigong healing certification.  She has completed Spring Forest Qigong Levels I-IV, and CranioSacral Therapy Level I at the Upledger Institute. And as a classically trained violinist, she is engaging her passion for music in a new, more free flowing expression.

Teachings from God has given Courtney the inspiration and tools to create the life that excites her, and more than anything she wants to inspire you to do the same.

courtneyCoutney Admunson

 About the Work

The essence of the work that is being launched with Teachings from God is to uncover our true nature, the divine within, that once discovered will launch every person on a path of empowerment.  The teachings help seekers to find, discover, and remember the limitless aspects of human capacity so that we can be more free in our daily living.  Free from limiting beliefs that hold us back from our potential. Free to create a reality that we dared not imagine previously. Free to live unencumbered, for those who dare to lift the veil.

Unveil your Soul. Live Free.

“Courtney’s channeling and energetic transmission through her writing is a call to return to love. Through her writings your inner voice of wisdom is validated and your own expansion of divinity can become realized more and more.”

~ Shellie Nelson, Visionary and Spiritual Mentor

“In Teachings from God, Courtney shares sacred messages from beyond that will guide you to your own higher spiritual truths. The teachings flow as an intimate conversations, and the sweetness and purity of these messages carry an ageless wisdom that goes far beyond Courtney’s youthful years. Teachings from God is one of those timeless books that affirms the divine presence all around us. Open the book to any page and you will be swept away to the spirit within.”

~ Ragani, Award-winning musician and veteran in the sacred sciences

b1e25e9a2cf9bff0e443df1ccf7694a2Teachings from God

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