Sylvester – Accept that you are God

Sylvester delivers a message encouraging us to accept what we really are: God. (English and Spanish subtitles)

5b87c4_2651a8ee3d3c477a936122a8cd36deb7.jpgRoxanne Swainhart

About Roxanne

I have awoken to the abilty to channel “spirit”. I hear the voice of non-physical beings; in the same way as you would hear someone in regular conversation. Sometimes I will hear it internally in my mind, which is a form of telepathic communication. I see and feel mutli-dimensional energies, extra terrestrials, and the “deceased”.  

 My “gift” includes –

  • clairvoyance: the ability to see beyond,

  • clairsentient: the ability to feel beyond,

  • clairaudient: the ability to hear beyond average capabilities.

 I want everyone to understand that my so called gifts are not unique to me, in fact everyone truly has these abilities.  We are all made from the same stuff – Energy, and we are always connected to the non-physical (aka “spirit”).

 All humans, including You – yes YOU – have the God-given potential to communicate with their guides, spirits including passed loved ones, even ETs.

It’s all about beliefs. If you believe communication beyond 3D is possible then you will have that ability – what you believe is your truth and creates your reality.

 You are the Creator of your reality, because YOU are GOD.

 Eternal Love ~ Roxie

Her book

41UxIG0owfLThe Ocyphius Channelings

Click here to buy her book

Roxie’s website: Odyssey of Ascension


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