Aikon – How to follow guidance from the Higher Self

Louise Kay channels Aikon, a 9th dimensional Pleiadian collective. In this video Aikon talk about how to tune into and connect with the Higher Self (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese subtitles).

Louise has a special gift which allows her to connect with beings from other realms and dimensions. She primarily channels a 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective from Alcyone known as Aikon.

During sessions Aikon share their perspective and advice, which is extremely powerful, and full of wisdom and depth. They also work with energies which can support people in healing and realigning with their highest truth.

“We wish you to find your highest strength and power from within yourself.” ~ Aikon

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Louise has over ten years’ experience of exploring the realms of spirituality, holistic healing modalities and health. She is qualified in Reiki 1 and 2, Reconnective Healing and Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique in addition to being a Transcendental Meditation practitioner. She has studied in person with Mooji and Eckhart Tolle, and has studied privately the work of various other spiritual teachers and many different types of healing modalities. Along her spiritual journey, different natural abilities revealed themselves to Louise, including energetic healing, channeling higher dimensional beings, seeing and feeling energies, a strong sense of intuition and the ability to see past lives. She has combined these gifts with her practical training, studies and personal experiences, to develop her own form of healing which she is excited to share with the world.

“I’ve studied a wide range of teachings and alternative healing modalities and incorporated them with my own experiences, understandings and gifts to create something totally unique which everybody can benefit from.”

The Journey

As a young child and growing up Louise was extremely sensitive and intuitive, but her channeling and healing abilities didn’t begin to fully reveal themselves until she was in her early twenties. At this pivotal point in life she began to feel an irresistible calling from the heart to dive within, which led to a deep exploration of the inner realms on the path of spirituality. Louise’s discoveries had a very deep impact on her and enabled her to see and experience life through new eyes. She uncovered an experiential understanding of how the universe functions and through direct experience understood that there is much more to reality than the physical world we perceive. This progressive awakening of consciousness resulted in Louise realizing her own true nature and relationship with the connected universe.

“Now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and my greatest wish is to support others in achieving happiness, health and abundance in life!”

The Vision

It is a great joy for Louise to share her gifts with people in order to support them on their life journeys. Louise believes that the Earth is currently undergoing a shift in consciousness and she is extremely excited and grateful to be a part of that transition.
Since experiencing first hand the unlimited power that resides within, Louise wants to share her gifts and understandings with as many people as possible to bring more peace, harmony, love and happiness to people’s lives, and in turn positively affect the whole of humanity.

Louise believes that with a simple shift in awareness, there is a whole new world accessible to everyone on this planet!

“I see so many people suffering unnecessarily in life. I want to show them that there’s another way. Everybody can be happy. When you realize the true power which is accessible to you, you can start to heal traumas within yourself, drop limiting unconscious beliefs and create the life you truly desire. I want to support you in achieving this. It’s what I came here to do!”


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