Prime Creator – Standing Rock

Susie Beiler of Spectrum Health Consulting asks Prime Creator about Standing Rock (English and Spanish subtitles).


susiefaceSusie Beiler

About Susie

Susie Beiler is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with Spectrum Health Consulting LLC. Susie is a channel for the Divine. She assists her clients to discover and live their soul mission so that they can enjoy a deeply fulfilling life. She quickly accesses her clients core issues and offers practical steps for transformation. Susie facilitates the release of emotional pain and teaches self-healing so that her clients can create their lives from a place of True Freedom.

She is a Master of the Healing Arts utilizing the modalities that best fit her client’s needs, such as DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™, Holistic Nutrition, Spiritual Guidance & Lifestyle Coaching, and Energy Healing. After healing herself from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (adrenal burnout), she reprogrammed and rewired herself to live her own soul mission as a channel for the Divine.

Susie is the founder and lead facilitator in The Creation Temple™, an online venue for supporting Lightworkers in their ascension process. She lives in Sedona, AZ and enjoys nature, authenticity, and high vibrational food.


The Creation Temple

The Creation Temple™ was born of a calling, a calling to fulfill Susie’s soul mission in the most expansive way possible.

To bring Heaven to Earth is quite the undertaking, and we are not meant to do this alone. That is why a space is necessary- a safe, sacred place where soul family from all around the world can meet.

What does it take to restore Planet Earth to its original state of Heaven as Earth?

Commitment, Conscious creation, Gathering together, and Love! Now more than ever, we need to learn how to love ourselves, nourish our inner child, love our neighbors, care for Gaia. It takes each one of us transmuting our own shadows as we expand and ascend. It is paramount for each of us to remember who we are and our power as Master Creators of Light manifestations.

The Creation’s Temple website:

Susie Beiler’s website:


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