Tuning In – Spirit Channelers in America

For the very first time, six of America’s prominent channelers are featured in the same film in order to gain insight into the phenomenon of channeling, as well as the information being received. The entities coming through, each with a strong and distinct personality, were interviewed at length by the filmmaker and the result is remarkable: across space and time it appears the entities are speaking as one, delivering a clear and profound message of empowerment for humankind (English and Spanish subtitles).

Featuring Lee Carroll (Kryon), Darryl Anka (Bashar), Geoffrey Hoppe (Tobias), John Cali (Chief Joseph), Wendy Kennedy (Pleiadian Collective), and Shawn Randall (Torah).


All proceeds from the rental of this film are being used to produce a new, more amazing, ambitious and enlightening “Tuning In” movie, due out next year!

Thank you so much for your support!

Watch Tuning In

tuningInSmallforPromotionA film by David Thomas

This is a truly remarkable film. Beautifully shot, and absolutely riveting. Thought-provoking, inspiring, challenging, controversial, and filled with incredible wisdom. I highly recommend it for anyone willing to think outside the box and look at the Big Picture. –Bob Doyle, featured teacher in THE SECRET

What I liked about Tuning In is that it made me feel at peace while watching it. In listening to the words from the different channelers, it was as if I was being given life changing wisdom from Universal Intelligence. This is one of those rare DVDs that I will watch multiple times and will show to my closest friends because the messages within are a great reminder of how to live a meaningful life. It gets one of my highest recommendations. –Bob Olson, editor, OfSpirit.com

What truly came across as a wonderful experience for me was the energy of spirit that is in the film. I was very tired when I began watching, and just a few moments into the film my body and spirit began to refresh itself. By the end of the film, I was feeling great. I slept like a baby and awoke this morning still filled with Spirit and living the knowledge that all is not just well, but fantastic. My overall thought was how exceptional it is that Spiritual Cinema is finally becoming mainstream. It’s time. If you want to feel strong and joyful, I can tell you that was my reaction physically and emotionally. If you get a chance, watch this one. –Mikala St. Germain – earthheartspirit.com

2 thoughts on “Tuning In – Spirit Channelers in America”

  1. Why American channellers? Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is without doubt the most powerful channel on our planet. Why not reveal that? Namaste


    1. The next Tuning In movie will include not just American channelers. I wasn’t aware about Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. I’ll take a look. Thanks for the information.


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